Morningtea with Thatsafrotastic| Accepting your imperfections

Morningtea with Thatsafrotastic| Accepting your imperfections
Morning Tea with ThatsAfrotastic: Accepting your imperfections.

I have been reading the Kindness pack by Domonique Bertolucci and this section of the book is what I can resonate with.

“There is no such thing as perfection and yet so many people exhaust themselves and erode their confidence in the pursuit of. When you accept your imperfections, you recognise you have strengths and weaknesses. You acknowledge that, like else, you may have positive qualities, but you also have the other, less positive ones and that’s okay.

Once you have released yourself from the burden of perfectionism and accepted your imperfections, you are free to use your positive qualities to their fullest. You can also decide which of your less-than-ideal qualities you would like to invest your energy in improving and which qualities everyone else will need to accept as ‘part of the parcel “Domonique Bertolucci –

Even if It means that something is not popular. I want to stay true to myself and values. Establishing a positive relationship with comes in different shapes and sizes. Rather than looking for the magic pill or diet which doesn’t exist, let us embrace these differences and be just be kind one another because everyone has their journey and challenges.


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