Morning tea thoughts | A new canvas

Morning tea thoughts | A new canvas

It’s interesting how sometimes our blessings can be in disguise, especially when we encounter unpleasant situations. Actually, my webpage had gone down resulting in me contacting my hosting provider regarding the restoration of all my files. While he mentioned he was able to recover my files, this actually turned out to be the opposite where my files were removed. Luckily, there was another website that had a snapshot records of all of my posts from my previous webpage. In all honestly what bothered me the most was the fact that the person who was handling my enquiry should not have said yes to the job if he was unable to do it (Just say no, you can’t do it for GOODNESS SAKE) which I did inform the second representative who was helping sort out this issue. I was  F-U-R-I-O-U-S!!!! (Alright breathe Kunle). However, I realised I wouldn’t be fair for me to lash out anger at someone else who is trying to help me out.


A friend once told me, sometimes it’s okay to freak out time. But you have to get over it quick and replace those thoughts with strong affirmations. Don’t waste any more precious time! And that’s so true. I’m not saying that you should ignore your emotions. Rather you should acknowledge your emotions and not fall into the victim as it can be easy to blame someone and not move forward in our lives.

We amaze ourselves sometimes with the amount of strength we have that we never thought was there. And that’s why we have special people around us to remind us never to give up on ourselves.

This has made me shift my perspective on the situation by creating a new layout that I am now happy with. The white layout of the webpage reminds me of a white canvas that is filled with unlimitled possibilities. Every post is an opportunity for me to use my thoughts and passion as a paintbrush to carefully paint pictures that serves a unique purpose in my life on the white canvas (my webpage). So I will continue I carefully paint a picture that I  desire to see manifest in my life, a life full of abundance, joy, positive thoughts and praise (and include the not pleasant ones, because to be honest, thats what helps us to grow, mature and be more thankful for the small things in life). I do this so, at the end of the day, I won’t look back and wish that I had painted something different.

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