Your change can start today

When the clock strikes 12pm when the New Year is announced, all of the excitement and splendour from the beautiful fireworks populate the night sky making a vibrant eye-catching scene. Do you ever feel like you need to wait until the new year to start something new? Perhaps a new goal, a habit or becoming a better version of yourself?

Today is a reminder that every day is a perfect opportunity to make changes and we don’t need to wait for the new year to do so. However, we can fall prey to the busyness of life and taking the time to reflect becomes difficult. Perhaps your work is hectic and you are exhausted and ready to unwind when getting home, running a household with kids making sure you have time with them, that they feel heard and valued, the pressures of finances (don’t get me started with car maintenance and rego), ensuring our mental health and wellbeing the list go on. It is quite a lot to juggle making it at times hard to implement habits or goals and to stick with them. Willpower is not enough.

What is the change you are hoping for? Does it involve carving out a few hours a week for that passion project, practising skill? Does it involve reaching out to a loved one or a health professional to express the hardship that you are going through or emotions that are impacting your health? Does it involve evaluating your spending habits and saving for a trip, house or starting that business you have been dreaming of? Taking the time to sit and be aware of the barriers and coming up with solutions and accountability will help keep track. Sometimes, we going to fall, we may even experience moments where it feels like we are at a stand-still. However, if we identify these roadblocks, humble ourselves to reach out for help to the people with whom we feel comfortable and safe (have earned the right to hear our story) and establish accountability that will not condemn you, but inspire you to continue to achieve your goal, habit, it will make each step worthwhile and looking back you will appreciate the growth that you have made.


The habit I am going to change is.

The trigger for my habit is

When this trigger appears I will


Challenges I might come up against

How I will deal with these challenges

When I am in need of support I will talk to