Morning tea thoughts | (Autumn) Immerse in nature

Morning tea thoughts | (Autumn) Immerse in nature




It was Friday at 5:15 pm when I discovered that the train was delayed at Flinders station as there was a person who stood in front of the train tracks. You know what that means. This train is not going to leave anytime soon. People were waiting in vexation about this whole situation. Some cursed, others videotaped this situation. Being in this type of claustrophobic atmosphere for me personally made feel even more mentally exhausted and anxious. Then I realised why to wait here when I could just take a stroll to the Alexandra Gardens close the Arts Centre to calm myself and wait until the train starts running again.

It was still a warm sunny evening. I noticed that some of the leaves had started to shed making me realise that its already March (times flies) and that Autumn has arrived.

Autumn to me is the season of change. As the days will become shorter, the green chlorophyll slowly will start to disappear forming golden, amber, red pigmented leaves.

No one knows when each leaf falls, but when it does, these delicate leaves will graciously pirouette to Autumn’s gentle breeze reminding us all that winter is just around the corner.

Watching the leaves gracefully fall is like watching a kaleidoscope of colours descending to the ground. As the red and copped tinges leave fall creating a  carpet. How I love to walk through a bunch of crisp and crunchy fallen leaves.

Best of all, you can pile up the leaves and jump straight into them no matter what age you are, which can only be done in Autumn.

In this quiet and serene environment where it almost feels like time has stopped, I feel at peace and ease, (sweet mercy, I almost forgot about the train situation).

I walk back to the train station and sit down, now in a more calmer and jovial state of mind. I may have not being able to control the train delay, however, I do have the ability to how I respond regarding the situation in a positive outlook which can be beneficial to my overall health and well-being.

Like the leaves, we too can change for the better. Be a thermostat, not a thermometer.