Barley and lemon iced tea

Barley and lemon iced tea




As the weather is getting warmer calls for more cold and iced beverages. At least once a week, I like to make a batch of iced tea to store and use over time during the week. It was around 30 degrees as I was typing in this hot weather, but a cold drink in a shaded area in the home does the trick and bonus points if you use ice cubes. With the increase in temperature, I like to experiment with different flavours when it comes to hydration as I am reaching for water more than in colder seasons. 

So let’s talk ingredients and the recipe. 

From previous experience, barley is known to have a nutty flavour and slightly chewy rice like medium grain brown rice. If it is anyone’s first time trying it, it can be acquired taste. However, it is interesting to smell the nutty aroma by boiling the barley in water. While you can purchase barley in the supermarket, you can buy whole barley kernels or barley tea bags from any Japanese or Korean local supermarket. I actually gave this a try and followed a recipe by Jee, who has extensive experience in tea brewing. How to Make Barley Tea Properly (Hot & Iced)The whole kernels will take longer to brew.

Nonetheless, I prefer this method as brewing as you will notice a more depth of flavour that is well-rounded and smoother tea instead of the tea bags. Barley in tea bags is crushed into smaller pieces, making the brewing process quicker and great on the go and for convivence. The drawback is the depth of flavour that you get from a whole kernel. You will want to keep the whole kernel barley in an airtight container to keep any humidity or odours away.

This recipe uses a cold brewing method which involves using room temperature filtered water to slowly steep the tea. As there is no caffeine, it makes this recipe a great drink to have during the day or night. 

Zesting a lemon is such a calming experience as I enjoy the smell of the lemon and the zest packs an addition tang along with the freshly squeezed lemon juice which are both optional.