A small change

A small change





Sustainability is s a value that I was growing fond of, yet at the same time, it seemed slightly overwhelming how to go about it. How can I make these changes? I have decided to break it down into small chunks making it more realistic to cultivate habits over time. The first change I wanted to focus on was not using plastic bags when purchasing fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. This can quickly turn into multiple-use plastic bags, and this was something that I wanted to change. First off, I thought of the brown paper lunch bags. However, that would not last long, and we could not pack giant vegetables.

I came across these 7 reusable, washable bags made from cotton for $10. It comes in 7 different sizes helped carry fruit and veggies in various sizes (I even use it for green leafy veggies). There were no issues with any items coming from their bags, and that was a tick off my list and purchased three more sets. Interestingly, this generated some interest from some other shoppers. (Now thinking of how to apply this when going to the deli).

Image source:7 Reusable cotton bags from Kmart

Slight changes may seem insignificant, but over time yields tremendous impacts that are worth acknowledging. My approach to things is to not be preachy and shove information at people. Communication that helps people reduce the use of plastic, resulting in a conviction and desire to change, is a better approach than condemning, shaming others for not implementing a system. Many people are stressed and trying to get by, especially with the pandemic. Therefore, it may not be on their priority list, or they may not have figured out a system that works for them. The convivence of plastic just next to items just makes it more accessible. One thing less to think about. (alight back to my point). I believe when something is working, that makes people curious. It is a beautiful opportunity to share what is working for the encounter of the shopkeeper reminded me of. These experiences provide opportunities to connect with the community and educate effectively and respectfully.


Never underestimate the power of tiny changes, for they will eventually be gems of knowledge that can enrich not only your life but the life of others.