Tea Morning Ritual

As I go to the kitchen to brew myself some fresh lavender tea, every step along the dark hallway was the like stepping on ice, Even though I was wearing socks, my feet were so cold that I felt a tingling sensation all around my feet. It was like electrical currents passing through my ankles all the way to the tip of my toes. I was looking for ugg boots. I don’t usually wear them, but once I slipped my two feet into these shoes of paradise, there was no turning back. Taking these boots off was no longer an option.

I turn on the kettle and just simply stand. Silence encapsulates the whole kitchen and I listen intently to the water warming up until I hear the hissing sound from the kettle.Today’s tea of choice is lavender which I purchased from the Queen Victoria Market. I love the aromatic fragrance that evokes a feeling of calm and tranquility. I love watching the water turn into a subtle light violet.


Picture source: Pixabay
Picture source: Pixabay

I place my favourite tea cup with excitement and wrap myself in a kotastu blanket and sit on my couch and open the window in my bedroom. to see what new view awaits for me.

The stillness of the early morning wraps itself around me and I am immersed with a sense of peace. The cool breeze that initially kept me from getting out of bed was no longer an issue but was rather quite relaxing . The sky above was full of gray, ragged clouds. I listen to the areoplane about to land at the Melbourne Airport, the cars passing by and the magpies singing their tune without a care in the world.


“What am I looking forward to?”

“What blessings are in front of me that am I taking for granted? What am I grateful  for?”

And so, I am ready to move on with my day.

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