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Fettuccine pesto with bacon, parsley and parmesan cheese

Fettuccine pesto with bacon, parsley and parmesan cheese

I opened the kitchen pantry with excitement beaming all over my face wondering what will tonight’s dinner be. Immediately, the fettuccine caught my attention and I remembered an idiosyncratic incident at my parent’s house. The moment you mention the word “pasta” or “fettuccine” in my family house, you’re in for trouble. Faces will cringe in disgust and you will most likely hear screeching voices all over the household as if pasta is some kind of taboo that should never be said. By reading this you’ll know that pasta has a pretty bad reputation in my family’s house. My parents, cousin and younger brother only know of the traditional bolognaise sauce and after having so many times, that they have grown tired of pasta and have made it become their nemesis and label pasta as boring food.

I was thinking “Well…. wouldn’t it be nice to have more variety in the way how we make food?”  (Especially pasta in my family’s case).

I noticed the fresh basil, parsley and the pine nuts which were just sitting next to the glass fruit bowl. “All right, I am going to make pesto” I said to myself. Even though pesto can be bought at the supermarket, the chopping and using the mortar and pestle to grind the ingredients was quite therapeutic if you’d ask me and I love the fresh smell of basil and parsley.

Continental Parsley

The fettuccine was prepared aldanté and I mixed the pesto along with it. After, the bacon bits, chopped parsley and parmesan cheese was added on top of the fettuccine pesto which really it looked visually appealing and appetizing (along with the salad which all the different colours which made this such an interesting dish to make. I like this dish because it encourages the use of fresh herbs (lots of it), garlic which is accompanied by a nice and simple salad to compliment the dish. I usually make salad dressing, however I bought zumo tomatoes which tastes slightly sweet and didn’t need the dressing after all.


“Well pasta is not so boring anyone” I told them which everyone was shocked with the recipe. The very same ingredient that was perceived as boring can be also seen as a great staple to have in the kitchen when we are ready for a change and new experiences. The colours in this dish reminded me to see every day as a brand new canvas to paint our colorful experiences and memories. So each day, I will carefully paint a picture that I desire to see manifest in my life, a life full of abundance, joy, positive thoughts and praise. I do this so at the end of the day I won’t look at it and wish that I had painted something different.


  • 45g (1/4 cup) pine nuts (toasted)
  • 1 1/2 cups fresh basil leaves
  • 2 small garlic cloves, halved
  •  shredded parmesan cheese
  • 3-4 tbs olive oil
  • 200g bacon bits
  • Fettuccine
  • Chopped parsley to garnish


1. Cook and drain the fettuccine ( I prefer my pasta aldanté)

2. In the mean time, toast thrr pine nuts gently in a fryingpan or slow over no-oil until the pine nuts are golden brown in colour.

3. Gently blend ingrediants at medium spped whilst pouring in olive oil  in a steady stream until smooth or you can use a motar and pestle.

4. Mix the pesto with the fettuccine until you get an equal distrubution of the pesto and fettuccine.

5. Add the chopped bacon first, then the chopped parsley and grate parmesan cheese ontop and serve with a salad on your choice.


You can  place the pesto in a clean jar a cover it with a small amount of oilve oil. This can be stored up to two weeks.

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Welcome to ThatsAfrotastic

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